December 20, 2017

About us

  • Do You want to increase Your company’s profitability and value?
  • Do You want to spend more time selling Your products and services and less time doing paperwork?
  • Do You want a better understanding of how Your company’s money is spent and how You could better manage Your expenses?


If You answered „yes“ to any of the questions above, then continue reading to find out how we can help You!

CFO Advisor is Your independent financial advisor that helps small and medium-sized enterprises with all of their needed financial services, such as internal auditing, financial management, risk analysis, budgeting, and creating various prognoses.




The CEO of CFO Advisor is Imre Noorkikas, who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of business finance, having worked as an analyst, a financial manager as well as a financial advisor. In recent years, he has shared his know-how and knowledge with small and medium-sized enterprises, aiding them with various financial management questions. Among other work, he has helped utilize better accounting systems, identified leadership KPIs and improved business value. Imre has a master’s degree in business studies with a specialization in financial management.

Imre has a trustworthy network of partners, whose services he utilizes according to the client’s needs –  with the goal of achieving maximally profitable results for each client.

Geli Nõlvand is responsible for CFO Advisor’s chief accountant services. Geli has been in the financial field for the last 15 years, working as an accountant and chief accountant. She has been responsible for the establishment, development, budgeting, financial management and implementation of various accounting software. In recent years, Geli has provided accounting services for companies operating in a wide range of fields.

Geli has a bachelor’s degree from Tallinn University of Technology.



Kindergarten OÜ

I had started the sales process of my business, and after more than half a year’s worth of negotiation and communication with buyers, I had reached the point where the basic tenets of the deal were agreed upon. How everything was supposed to be conducted in exact terms, however, was very confusing. I consulted multiple… Read more “Kindergarten OÜ”

Tokumaru Ramen & Sushi

The biggest benefit for me is that thanks to the services of CFO Advisor, every manager has a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial situation, which will lead to further managerial implementation. The service helped create a unified understanding and overview of our financial engineering – now our data and figures are both understandable and… Read more “Tokumaru Ramen & Sushi”